Considering New Bleachers


Architects Go Green

More and more architects and builders are incorporating environmentally responsible designs in new construction.

The U.S. Green Building Council has developed an internationally recognized certification system that measures how well a building or community performs across all the metrics that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

The high percentage of recycled material in Evergreen Bleachers may contribute to Materials Recycling Credits (#3, #4 and #5) towards LEED certification.

Century Design System

The Century Design® System is a long-term solution, because when it is retrofitted to existing bleachers they will last “for 100 years.”

Recycling Wood


The wood used for seats and risers on telescopic bleachers is a sustainable natural resource, so it's better for the enviroment.

We may draw upon sources of both new and recycled lumber when installing an Evergreen Bleacher.

Recycling Understructures

The understructure in a Evergreen Bleacher is a repaired and restored to like new condition. Then, they are reinforced with the addition of the Century Design® system.

Finally, they are covered by the best warranty in the industry.

Introducing Evergreen Bleachers™ - offering traditional strength with innovative design

The Telescopic Bleacher for Today's World!

Evergreen Bleachers™ meet the needs of schools, municipal facilities, churches, and other organizations that need new telescopic gym seats, because with Evergreen Bleachers™, you will :

  • Save money - up to 30%, compared to other new bleachers
  • Enjoy trouble-free operation with long term warranty coverage
  • Get just what you need - customized to your needs and budget

Evergreen Bleachers are an environmentally conscious, “green” product that helps to save the planet through recycling and the use of sustainable natural resources.

Actual Evergreen Bleachers Installed by Us

More Options for You

It used to be that when new gym bleachers were needed, your choices were limited to just a very few new-bleacher manufacturers. Now there’s another alternative when new bleachers are needed. Evergreen Bleachers. These are re-manufactured retractable bleachers. That means they have a high degree of recycled components – plus a special feature that is found ONLY on Evergreen Bleachers: the Century Design® system.

Century Design® is a unique, patented system that provides continuous support to the bleachers in the closed position. This support keeps the bleachers from sagging, even if kids climb on them. So the bleachers open and close like they’re supposed to, year after year after year. In fact, we’re so sure that the Century Design® system fixes what’s wrong with all the other bleachers (and causes them to break down) that we are backing Evergreen Bleachers with a 20-year warranty.

Finally, Evergreen Bleachers can be configured to your needs and customized to your specifications with wood seats or plastic seat modules. They will fully comply with all your local, state and national
code/safety requirements, with features such as:

  • ADA wheelchair spaces with safety rail
  • Foot level aisles with non-skid surface, and Intermediate steps
  • End safety rails with all openings smaller than 4”
  • Aisle safety rails (our own self-storing P-rail design)
  • Full power, push-button operation
  • Closed deck system

Many other customizable features are available, depending on your needs, including end curtains, scorer’s table, video platform, option of no live wiring underneath, galvanized understructure for high moisture areas and motorized portable bleachers. Please let us know what you need, when it comes to new bleachers, by calling 1-800-628-1332 or e-mail us at

Important: We maintain an extensive inventory of remanufactured bleacher understructures at our warehouse, as well as a large supply of lumber in stock. However, there may be some times (and some projects) where our current inventory cannot meet the demand. That’s why we recommend that you contact us as soon as is possible about your new bleacher requirements. By allowing as much lead time as possible before installation of your new Evergreen Bleachers, it is more likely that we can provide a cost effective solution for your needs.

Tips for maintaining your floor and bleachers

  • Broom clean floor prior to operating the bleachers
  • remove debris beneath bleachers prior to opening or closing the bleachers
  • Inspect and service your telescopic bleachers twice each year
  • Biennially inspection by qualified service personnel, familiar with your bleacher system
  • Want a training video for your maintenance personnel?

Contact the Bleacherman.

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