Telescopic Seating Is Everywhere

Telescopic bleacher seating is a standard fixture in school gyms and multi-purpose sports facilities across the country. Retractable bleachers that provide convenient spectator seating, then fold up against the wall to provide more space when needed, can be found in just about every school and college, church hall and municipal facility. While folding bleachers are not rare, a fairly small number of companies specialize in servicing and maintaining indoor bleachers. A much smaller number of companies (literally a half dozen or so) are manufacturing new bleachers today. But only one company guarantees that its bleachers will not sag! Whether it is a completely new installation or a refurbishing job, ONLY the Bleacherman has the solution to the number #1 cause of telescopic bleacher malfunctions and breakdowns.


There Is Only One Bleacherman

Out of all of the bleacher repair and new-bleacher companies, there is only one company, the Bleacherman, who can:

• offer the patented Century Design® system to prevent sagging and bleacher malfunctions.
• re-manufacture/retrofit existing bleachers so they last and last, giving years of trouble-free operation.
• offer a unique 20-year warranty on both remanufactured and new Telescopic Bleacher Seating.

If you are responsible for the telescoping bleacher seating at your facility, and find that your bleachers are seemingly always being repaired, or if you require NEW bleachers and wish to avoid the sagging, breakdowns and on-going problems common to many foldup bleachers, please, call the Bleacherman. Spare yourself the hassle and expense of halfway measures, find out what makes the Bleacherman different from all others. Call toll free 1-800-628-1332 to find out how the Bleacherman takes all the worry and repeated repairs out of owning telescopic bleacher seating.


We’re On Your Side

With over twenty years’ experience in every aspect of telescopic bleacher seating, we know what school personnel have to go through, when their indoor bleachers break down and need repairs. We know the approval process, the budgeting issues – and how to work within the system. Please let us know what your concerns are, and let us guide you with straightforward, honest advice on what to do about your telescopic bleachers.


Recycling Is Not A Fad

The Bleacherman has been saving money for schools (and other owners of telescopic bleachers) for years, by recycling all or parts of existing bleachers that the school already owns. Wooden seatboards and other boards can be refinished to look brand new, even if they are 50 years old, or older. Decades old metal understructures can be repaired and reinforced with our Century Design® “No-Sag” system – and be ready for more decades of service. Finally, even antiquated folding bleachers can be “brought up to code” and meet all the safety requirements that are the law today.

When new bleachers are required, such as during new construction, the Bleacherman offers new Evergreen Bleachers™. These high quality telescopic bleachers are equipped with our Century Design® system. Yet even new bleachers can provide opportunities to recycle and save. Reused seating surfaces, mechanical components, and drive systems can sometimes be incorporated into a new bleacher installation for additional savings. Take a look at some of our case histories and see how old telescopic bleachers are made new again, remanufactured into Evergreen Bleachers™ by the Bleacherman.


Pioneering New Products And Safety Equipment

Beside carrying a large inventory of replacement parts for all makes of retractable bleachers(including parts for manufacturers that are no longer in business), the Bleacherman has developed a wide range of proprietary products to improve safety and performance. See all of these in the "Parts & Supplies" section of this website.