What’s Under Your Bleacher Seats?

If all the seats, footboards, risers, etc. were removed from your telescopic bleachers, you would see the framework that holds up the bleachers.

Most of the time, you probably never give this structure a second thought. But if you are thinking about replacing or refurbishing your bleachers, the type and construction of the understructure may have a lot to do your decision to repair or replace.



In this photo is easy to see the vertical
support columns, angled “sway” bars,
floor rollers, etc. that make up the

How Many “Horses” In Your Telescopic Bleacher Seating? 

Do You Know?

“Horses” refers to the assembly of vertical support columns and other pieces that operate as unit
when the bleachers are opened or closed. The horses lock into position when the bleachers are
fully opened to provide support for spectators.


More Horses Help To Carry The Load

What many people may not realize, if they have older bleachers, is that the understructure of their existing bleachers may be better than what can be bought new. Older bleachers can have more “horses,” and better standards of quality and workmanship than brand new bleachers!
Since this metal framework is the most expensive part of the telescopic mechanism, repairing and reusing it can save a lot of money. Even damaged understructures have value and with proper repairs, can provide trouble-free operation for years to come.


Understructure Evolution


Motors and Drive Wheels

Because motors are hidden from view, who really thinks about them?
As long as the bleachers open and close, who pays any attenion to motorized drives?

Bleacherman does - that’s who.

The motor drives are frequently the source of problems in telescopic bleacher systems .Perhaps one of the reasons that this component is prone to breakdowns, is because the specifications for them are so vague. Should a manufacturer substitute a cheaper, smaller electric motor, the bleachers might still be “in spec.” But the motors may be undersized, so they could have a shorter service life.
See more about Bleacherman drive rollers in Case Histories showing "drop-in" replacement in drive units from different manufacturers.