Below are actual case histories of bleacher repairs/installations by the Bleacherman.

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   Our NEWEST Case Histories

    Roanoke Valley Christian School, Roanoke Valley, VA - Hussey

   Five-row high Hussey bleachers were completely renovated - the wood was refinished to look new (saving the owner thousands!), and the
   understructure was cleaned, lubricated and reinforced with Century Desgn®.   Plus code-compliant aisles, P-rails, ADA cut-outs and more.


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    Long Island Lutheran, Brookville, NY - Safway


   These very tall 18-row-high gym bleachers were a challenge. The weight of such a massive bank of bleachers required special motor
   drives.   Existing lumber was refinished, a huge savings compared to the replacement cost.


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Bleacherman has worked on virtually every type of telescopic bleacher system used in North America.

We have experience with bleachers manufactured by:
  Folding Bleacher Co.,
  Global Design System,






Willis High School, Willis, TX - Hussey

Ongoing repairs and problems solved by the Bleacherman. Unbreakable plastic seat modules replaced wood seats in this refurbishment of 1990’s-era Hussey bleachers, along with many other upgrades and code requirements.

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Revere High School, Revere, MA - Hussey

Because of space and clearance requirements, the Bleacherman had to create safety rails and P-rails that could be demounted. Side safety rails fold to fit on the bleacher floorboards for storage. P-rails are also stored on the footboards.

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Servite High School, Anaheim, CA - Hussey Maxam

Original bleachers were only 10 years old, and many of the plastic seats in these Hussey Maxam bleachers were broken or cracked. Bleachers were repaired and reconditioned, then re-faced with the Bleacherman’s proprietary (and practically indestructible) plastic seat modules. Now the bleachers operate properly and look brand new!

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Biola University, La Miranda, California - Hussey

What’s special about this Case History?
Biola University came to the Bleacherman website when they were researching what to do about their 30-year-old telescopic bleachers. They started by filling out a Quick Quote from this website. This started the process that resulted in their bleachers being completely refurbished and remanufactured on-site. The University saved thousands, compared to the cost of new replacement bleachers, and also received a $2000 rebate for using a Quick Quote!

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Get A Quick Quote

Mohawk Central School District, Mohawk, New York
(Existing plastic seat modules)

What’s special about this Case History?

• Owner realized a 50% savings by renovating/upgrading vs. buying new bleachers.

• Recycling is $mart - Keep good components (such as end and top safety rails, ADA rails, understructure) and protect your equity in them.

• Plastic Seat Modules are easily cut to size, if needed.
• Even relatively new bleachers can benefit from having the Century Design® system retrofitted, which prevents sagging.

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Chatham High School - Hussey

This case history REALLY shows the difference that Bleacherman can make. Take a look at how these old, broken bleachers are transformed into new Evergreen Bleachers™ at a fraction of the cost of replacing them with new bleachers.

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Chatham Middle School - Safway

The Chatham school district asked the Bleacherman back (after we refurbished the High School bleachers) and had us re-do the Middle School bleachers. The result? Better-than-new bleachers and a savings of 30% compared to replacing them with new bleachers. The message here is “don’t throw away your old bleachers -- you may be sitting (literally) on huge savings!”

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Fonda-Fultonville Central School - Hussey

Fonda-Fultonville Central School in Fonda, NY found that their gym’s telescopic bleachers were difficult to open and close. The manually-operated bleachers were Hussey® Seating Co.’s newest “Maxam” model with plastic seats. Within just a few years, the bleachers were sagging and rubbing so badly that these manually- operated bleachers required several people, working together, to open each section of bleachers. The school called the Bleacherman to repair and refurbish the bleachers .

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Brookfield Central School - Hussey

Brookfield Central School in Brookfield, NY underwent a complete gym rehab recently. This included a new wood floor, lights, wall padding, basketball backstops, painting etc. The gym bleachers were removed prior to commencing work and relocated to a temporary storage trailer. The Bleacherman refurbished the understructure, painted the decks and installed new wood seats and risers. Now the gym is completely refurbished from top to bottom.

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Croton-Harmon High School - Hussey

Sometimes, choosing a local company costs MORE in the long run. Take a look at this case history and see what the Bleacherman had to do, to fix their mistakes. Rely on our experience, proven track record and references.

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Archbishop John Carroll High School - Wayne Bleachers

Full renovation of 1200 telescopic bleacher seats in high school recreation center.
Wayne Bleachers fully refinished to “as new” condition with the Century Design® no-sag system and with all safety equipment installed.

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North Tonawanda High School - Wayne Bleachers

North Tonawanda High School completely refurbished the 50- year-old Wayne Bleachers in the “old gym.”
A good example of a complete “from the ground up” re-do where the Bleacherman recycled the understructure, retrofitting it with the Century Design® no-sag system and refinishing the choice fir lumber seating areas. Safety equipment was upgraded to code compliance and new motor drives were installed.

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North Tonawanda High School - Platforms with folding chairs

North Tonawanda High School had platforms with folding chairs for seating in its dual-use auditorium/gym.
Owner was experiencing problems with opening and closing the platform seating. Sagging had caused damage, requiring expensive and redundant repairs. A special Century Design® system solved the problem permanently, saving thousands.

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North Tonawanda High School - Folding Bleacher Co.

North Tonawanda High School had 10-year-old Folding Bleacher Co. telescopic bleachers in the “new gym.” Extensive sagging made the bleachers difficult to open and close, put an extra strain on the motor system. Many of the plastic seats had sustained damage from sagging, as well as regular wear and tear.

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Lejeune High School - Folding Bleacher Co.

A new gym floor was the impetus behind this project. The originally specifications misdiagnosed the problem, but we got to the bottom of it, and recommended new specifications that fixed everything --with new motors, Century Design® system, code updates and more. The Bleacherman was able to refurbish the old bleachers in place and move them on to the new floor.

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Hamilton Township, NJ - Evergreen Bleachers™

Original bleachers on both sides of indoor swimming pool were badly corroded and deteriorating. The Bleacherman replaced the rusty understructure with a reconditioned Evergreen BleacherTM understructure and refinished/recycled the wood.

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Camp Edwards, MA - Evergreen Bleachers™

The entire gym had to be gutted in this extensive renovation. The Bleacherman saved the owner thousands (compared to buying replacement bleachers) by reconditioning, upgrading and rebuilding the original bleachers into Evergreen Bleachers™.

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LaFargeville Central School - New Evergreen Bleachers™

- LEED Project

New construction of a Track and Field Center was designed to meet LEED requirements. The Bleacherman recycled existing bleachers and co-mingled with new bleachers to qualify for LEED credits (#3, #4, #5). We worked with the owner’s representatives, Bernier-Carr (architects) and MCK (construction company).

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LEED Certification

Hamburg Public School - New Evergreen Bleachers™

Evergreen Bleachers™ replaced old bleachers. Hamburg school officials were concerned about damage to understructure due to climbing.
Officials at the Hamburg Public School received a cost-effective solution to their needs, with telescopic bleachers that are covered by a 20-year renewable warranty for the understructure, motor systems and plastic seat modules.

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Pickering Middle School - New Evergreen Bleachers™

A $50,000 NFL grant provided the catalyst to completely refurbish this middle school gym. New Evergreen Bleachers™ replaced the outmoded, unsafe, original bleachers. These were resurfaced with the original inch-and-a-half thick fir lumber used as seats and footboards on the original bleachers.

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Plattsburgh Middle School - New Evergreen Bleachers™

Old “slant-style” bleachers are replaced with new Evergreen Bleachers. Updates include closed deck system, safety rails, motorized operation and the patented Century Design®
“no-sag” system. Existing Fir lumber from the original bleachers is refinished and reused, saving thousands.

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Mansfield University - Berlin

Original Berlin telescopic bleacher seating at Mansfield University consisted of four banks of bleachers (each bank has three sections), 14 rows high X 50 ft. in length. Approximately 40+ years old, these bleachers had the original motor system.
Owner wanted to compare new bleachers versus refurbished. Code updates such as safety rails, aisles with P-rails and intermediate steps, ADA wheelchair spaces were required.

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Pecos High School - Universal Accu-Roll

Aesthetics are important. Bleacherman pays attention to details, color-matching the footboards and railings to the school colors of yellow and green (as shown on the gym floor). When combined with functional features such as push button operation in conjunction with a no-sag Century Design® system, these bleachers are not only refurbished -- they are actually remanufactured to be better than new! Evergreen Seating Systems provide long-term trouble-free use at the lowest cost.

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York Catholic High School - Interkal® and Horne Bleachers

Telescopic bleacher renovation included four banks of Horne bleachers replaced with the Evergreen Bleacher™ System, and one bank of Interkal bleachers was upgraded with the Century Design® no-sag system and code updates.

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Hamilton High School West, Hamilton Township, NJ - New Interkal® Bleachers

Almost-new, three-year-old telescopic bleachers are hard to open, very difficult to close. Why?
Because that’s what was specified, when the “minimum” specifications for these bleachers was OK’d. The design criteria met all the legal requirements -- the absolute minimum required by law -- but it didn’t meet what the bleacher owner REALLY needed, which was bleachers that would not sag, no matter what.

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West Canada Valley High School, NY - Medart

The Bleacherman had to retain as much seating capacity as possible in the Medart bleachers in this refurbishment. Click on the case history “read more” link below to see the Bleacherman’s solution.

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Whitehall Central School District - Medart

Manually operated Medart bleachers are replaced with new Evergreen Bleachers. Updates include closed deck system, safety rails, motorized operation and the patented Century Design® “no-sag” system. Bleacher installation was completed in conjunction with a total gym refurbishment.

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Quechan Tribe Community Center - Medart

Complete seating remanufacturing including code updates and motorizing of 2 banks of Medart Bleachers converted to Evergreen Bleacher™ System. Plane, edge, sand and seal wood seats and risers on-site. Original Medart bleachers were unanchored from the wall and moved forward, allowing room to repair the floor and wall behind bleachers. These bleachers had a lot of damaged wood, so top row seats and risers were replaced with new lumber.

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Franklin County Technical School - Medart

Franklin County Technical School is located in Turner Falls, Massachusetts. Two banks of three sections each Medart 4-horse system, approximately 40 years old, manual operation.
Savings for the school district versus buying new bleachers was 20 percent.

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Corinth High School - Medart

Fifty-year-old Medart telescopic bleacher system had been refinished once. However, due to school activities (indoor baseball practice), many boards were broken repeatedly.
Owner requested an impact-resistant plastic seat module that was guaranteed to hold up in this environment.

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Fillmore Central School, Fillmore, NY - Interkal

Emergency service from the Bleacherman fixed the bleachers fast. Thanks to our huge inventory of bleacher parts, we were able to supply the exact part needed to return these bleachers to service. Our Century Design® no-sag system will keep these bleachers operating for a long time to come.

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Delaminating Drive Rollers- All Types

Synthetic covering on metal drive rollers can decompose and delaminate.
Replacement Bleacherman drive rollers "drop in" for easy replacement, will not delaminate, and are backed by a 20-year warranty.
Two case histories show Bleacherman's retrofit solution for two different manufacturers. (Replacement rollers are available for ALL manufacturers, friction or non-friction drives, and even those no longer in business.)

Read more here Drive Roller case1 (download pdf)

Read more here Drive Roller case2 (download pdf)

If you have a question about any of these case histories, or if you want to find out if the Bleacherman can fix your bleachers, please call 800-628-1332.