For Existing Bleachers

The Bleacherman will remanufacture your existing bleachers to better-than-new condition

If your school has telescopic bleachers, no matter how old
or in what condition, congratulations. You are (literally) sitting on a gold mine.

The Bleacherman works with schools, colleges, churches and other organizations across America, helping them to cash in on the equity in their bleachers. In the end, refurbishing telescopic bleachers can save as much as 30% or more, compared to the average cost of a new-bleacher installation.
What really sweetens the deal, in addition to the cost reduction, is that the old bleachers are:
• Completely re-done, actually remanufactured in place, from the ground up.
(Take a look at our Case Histories to see examples.)
• Reinforced with the patented Century Design so the bleachers will never sag. (Sagging is the #1 reason telescopic bleachers malfunction.)
• Brought into compliance with building and safety codes.
• Equipped with our heavy-duty motorized drives that power 15 drive wheels in each massive drive unit, to open and close at the touch of a button.
• Refaced with your choice of new Southern Yellow Pine, reconditioned lumber or plastic seat modules.
• Backed by a 20-year warranty that covers the understructure and the motor drives. This is a full parts-and-labor warranty, which means (basically) that if anything breaks or doesn’t work right, we’ll fix it free.

Know Your Options

In many instances, the school or other organization that owns telescopic bleachers may not know that remanufacturing the old bleachers into new Evergreen Bleachers™ is an option available to them.
If you don’t know about the Bleacherman and what he can do, you might think there are only two choices:

1. Keep fixing the old bleachers, year after year,
or, 2. replace them with brand new bleachers.

Choosing the Bleacherman to remanufacture your existing bleachers into new Evergreen Bleachers is another option, which opens the door to even more choices with our GreenFlex system.

Green Flex System

The Green-Flex system allows you to take advantage of “deducts,” by providing discounts for existing bleacher components that can be incorporated into the new Evergreen Bleachers. (For example, this may include metal understructures, motors, drive mechanisms, wood seating services and other lumber, safety rails, plastic seat modules, and even fasteners and wiring.)
This ability to recycle and save can provide a significant cost reduction in the overall price of bleachers. Allowing the owners to “harvest their equity” and apply it toward their new Evergreen Bleachers, ties in with Bleacherman’s philosophy of never discarding anything of value. We feel it is a more environmentally-friendly approach than throwing away bleachers that are still serviceable.
Your Bleacherman representative will go over the “deducts” that you have coming to you, after making an inspection of your existing bleachers. Please let your representative know of any special requests you may have, such as an increase in seating capacity, scorers tables, video platform, end curtains.
Custom options can often be incorporated into a bleacher remanufacturing project. These can range from zinc-coated understructures for high moisture environments such as natatoriums, to motorized mobile bleachers that can be re-positioned for special events.

Consulting your Bleacherman representative is the first step.

He or she can advise you on your options. Then, based on an evaluation of your existing bleachers and your goals, your Bleacherman representative can provide a written estimate for your project.

Your Old Bleachers Remanufactured into New Evergreen Bleachers™

You won’t recognize your old bleachers when the Bleacherman is done with them. For one thing, installing the patented Century Design® “No Sag” System alters the understructure to conform to a new design criteria.
Now, the bleachers have a load-bearing capability in the closed, partially open and full open position. That means that climbing on the bleachers (for instance) will not cause the cantilever arms to bend and the bleachers to sag. Sagging is the number one reason that retractable bleachers malfunction. Eliminating sagging extends the service life of the bleachers tremendously.


What sets Evergreen Bleachers™ apart

Complete cleaning and maintenance of the metal understructure, and repairs if needed are the first steps in remanufacturing Evergreen Bleachers™.



 Remanufactured Evergreen Bleachers™ give you the option of wood or plastic seat modules. Plastic seat modules are available in 14 standard colors with custom colors on request. Red, white and blue are always in stock and available at no extra charge for “American Flag” seats.