The Patented Solution for Sagging Bleachers

Telescopic bleacher seats simply won’t sag when fitted with the Century Design® system.
This system of wheels travels on the bleacher seats and seat level extensions (or footboards), to provide complete support for all the rows of seats, all the time.


Bridging the Gap to Support the Understructure

Continuous seatboard (or footboard) support keeps bleachers from sagging.
It’s an elegantly simple solution to the problems that have plagued retractable bleachers since their inception.


The Century Design® system makes any telescopic bleacher better, because it:
   • Eliminates damage/structural fatigue from unsupported downward loads.
   • Makes bleachers safe to use in a partially open position.
   • Protects the understructure from damage
   • Allows schools to get the full useable life (+100 years) from their bleachers -- without constant repairs.
   • Comes with a renewable 20-year warranty

Available ONLY from the Bleacherman

The Century Design® system is available only from the Bleacherman.


U.S. Patent No. 5,784,835

The U.S. Patent Office granted patent No. 5,784,835 to Louis R. McArthur, Jr.
for “Telescopic seating system with continuous foot extentions support” on July 28, 1998.


Bleacherman and Evergreen Bleachers™ are the only companies authorized to install
this patent-protected "no-sag" system to telescopic bleachers.