Remanufacture your Old Bleachers To "AS NEW"

Whatever their condition, Bleacherman can remanufacture your old telescopic bleachers to "as new" condition, meeting and exceeding all current safety code standards - at a huge savings compared to the cost of buying new bleachers (based on an average gymnasium of 1,000 seats or more)!


Available in 14 standard or custom school colors.

Another option when you have a lot of damaged seats, is to reface any two rows with plastic seat modules in the school colors. The wood that is removed from the first two rows is then reconditioned and used where needed to replace damaged boards.


Add An “American Flag” To Your Gym Seats

If your telescopic bleacher seats have a lot of damage, it can be very expensive to replace broken boards with new lumber. It may be impossible to match old wood with new wood, or to match the color of older plastic seat modules.


Adding an “American Flag” to your gym seats is a cost-effective solution. As long as your seats are at least 13 rows high, Bleacherman can use new red, white and blue plastic seat modules in the shape of an American flag. These colors are ALWAYS in stock and there is no extra charge for mixing these three colors and the 50 stars. To see more about this option, visit our North Tonawanda High School case history.

Besides making a patriotic statement, this can be a way to replace damaged seats without having to match them exactly. It can also be used to add extra seat capacity, if needed, to make up for any seating capacity that may be lost when refurbishing telescopic bleacher seats to comply with safety codes or ADA requirements.