Choose Evergreen Bleachers™ From The Bleacherman


Considering New Gym Bleachers?

Perhaps you should consider a new kind of bleachers. Stronger . . . Sturdier . . . and reinforced to take on the “real world.”

When it comes to new telescopic bleachers, Evergreen Bleachers™ stand out from the crowd as a new choice -- a distinctly different alternative from the “same old bleachers.

To start with, Evergreen Bleachers™ are built stronger than any other new telescopic gym bleachers you can buy. ONLY Evergreen Bleachers™ are reinforced with the patented Century Design® “No Sag” System. (That’s why they are the only new bleachers backed by a 20-year warranty against sagging.)


Take a Closer Look

All folding gym bleachers are not created equal. Evergreen Bleachers™
have a “beefed up” understructure of heavy-duty steel. 
They are the only bleachers equipped with the patented Century
Design® "no-sag" system – and the only bleachers guaranteed not to sag.


Fix the old bleachers, or buy brand new ones? 

Now there's a better choice.
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Only Evergreen Bleachers™ have the Century Design® System

The strength and rigidity of the metal undercarriage is further enhanced with the addition of our patented Century Design System. This is the secret to long-term trouble-free bleachers. This is what makes Evergreen Bleachers™ different from all other bleachers.

The Century Design® System is what makes Evergreen Bleachers™ stronger and longer lasting. Because the bleachers are fully supported in ANY position, every row rests on the row below. Any downward force is simply and safely transferred to the floor. The cantilever arm can not be bent or damaged by climbing -- or any downward force in the closed position.
That’s important, because sagging is the number one cause of telescopic bleacher malfunctions. .


What Sets Evergreen Bleachers™ Apart

Complete cleaning and maintenance of the metal understructure, and repairs if needed are the first steps in remanufacturing Evergreen Bleachers™.



Remanufactured Evergreen Bleachers™ give you the option of wood or plastic seat modules. Plastic seat modules are available in 14 standard colors with custom colors on request. Red, white and blue are always in stock and available at no extra charge for “American Flag” seats.