LEED: What Is It?

LEED or “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” is a rating system (developed by the U.S. Green Building Council), with a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction. If a new building or renovation successfully meets the criteria of this standard, which takes into account six interrelated standards covering all aspects of the development and construction, the project can be recognized as “LEED Certified.”

Buildings that meet this standard are of interest to more than just Engineers and Architects. This new approach to construction is important to everyone, because it produces buildings that use energy and other resources more efficiently, provides healthier work and living environments, and is better for the environment.


More About LEED

The U.S. Green Building Council was founded in 1994 to promote integrated whole-building design practices and raise consumer awareness of green building benefits. 

The Council provides an online directory of LEED-certified projects at: www.usgbc.org


Where Evergreen Bleachers™ Fits In

When Evergreen Bleachers™ are part of a new-construction or renovation project, the high proportion of recycled or re-used components, including components that are regionally manufactured, can qualify for credits in the LEED certification process.
In USGBC LEED 2009 (v3) there are 100 possible base points. The “Materials and Resources” section contributes a 14 possible points to this total. 





See our LaFargeville Central School case history to find out more about how Evergreen
Bleachers™ are ideal for school buildings
designed to fit LEED requirements.





Real Benefits of Recycling

It’s nice that recycling is being recognized as being good for the environment. But the cold hard truth is that it also saves money. 
Archbishop John Carroll High School in Radnor, Pennsylvania found this out in 2008, when they had the Wayne® bleachers in their school's recreation center completely refurbished by the Bleacherman. See our Archbishop John Carroll High School case history for more on this project.

Instead of discarding the old bleachers, which were in a worn and shabby condition, the school choose the Bleacherman to re-manufacture the understructure and reinforce it with the Century Design® No-Sag System. The wood seating surfaces were completely refinished, and safety equipment added.

After being planed, edged, stained and sealed, the wood seating surfaces were reinstalled with new P-rails and seat-level intermediate aisles.
Today, the upgraded bleachers look like new, and operate like new, while retaining the traditional look of wood seating.
The school was able to retain its investment in the wood by refinishing and reusing it.

Just think of the cost of new wood (at today’s prices) for this 1200 seat recreation center!