Bleacherman Products

Bleacherman carries a large selection of replacement parts for most manufacturers of telescopic bleacher systems.


Century Design® System

Enjoy a new set of trouble free, no-sag bleachers for decades to come featuring the patented Century Design® no-sag system by the Bleacherman. The New Century Design® System bleacher system meets or exceeds all applicable safety codes.
Bleacherman can remanufacture your existing bleacher system to better-than-new condition, meeting all current safety code standards, at a fraction of the cost of buying new bleachers. Typical savings are about 30 to 40 percent. Use the equity that exists in the understructure and in the seating of your present bleachers to reduce the costs of your "new" bleacher system, and save thousands. Click for more info about the Century Design® System.


Plastic Seat Module (PSM)

Enhance your existing telescoping bleachers with our virtually indestructable blow molded plastic seat modules.
   • Blow molded construction
   • Color selection - available in 14 standard, or custom school colors
   • Two sizes available - 10" or 12" depth, 18" width
   • Non-skid texture
   • High impact - resistant to high speed projectiles (baseball) 
   • Anatomically contoured seating design
   • Steel reinforced number plate
   • Low maintenance
Click for more info about the Plastic Seat Modules.


Motor Drive System

Provides power operation of bleachers. Each bleacher bank will be provided with drive units consisting of:
   • One-half (1/2) horsepower gear motor. 87 to 1 gear ratio
   • 110 volt or three phase power
   • Two, six inch diameter drive rollers with 50 durometer non-marking rubber with a 1 3/16" diameter driveshaft
   • Rollers are guaranteed against delamination, and are safe for synthetic floors
   • Forward and reverse capability
   • 250 to 400 pound steel shroud (not shown for clarity)
   • Positive action roller chain drive.
   • Motor system guaranteed for 20 years, material and labor included
See more about Bleacherman drive rollers in actual case histories showing "drop-in" replacement in drive units from different manufacturers.



P-Rail (Handrail)

     • Your operators will enjoy the convenience of our permanently attached, self-storing P-Rails.
     • Just lift and turn 90 degrees for quick and easy storage.

     • P-rails are located at the intermediate aisles
     • Powder coated in a wide variety of colors
     • Handrails 34" high
     • Certified test results provided
Download P-Rail Spec Sheet (pdf)







ADA Rails

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 has required that there shall be handicapped seating cutouts equal to no less than one percent of the entire seating area in the first tier. We provide:
     • Rigid, high front, tubular steel supports
     • Powder coated in a wide variety of colors
     • Full width front closure panel (33" width)
     • Permanent or recoverable application available
     • Certified test results provided
Download ADA Rail Spec Sheet (pdf)





Safety Rails (self storing)

We can provide permanently attached safety rails located on all exposed ends of the bleachers that pose no interference with normal telescoping bleacher operation.
     • Zinc plated for long wear
     • Powder coated in a wide variety of colors
     • Maximum 4" opening between vertical rails
     • Certified test results are provided showing that they exceed the design loads specified in NFPA-102
Download End Rail Spec Sheet (pdf)



Demountable P-rails, ADA rails and side safety rails

Have the option of removing P-rails (or other safety rails) from bleachers quickly
and easily.
     • Bleachers have a smooth flat surface in the closed position - no rails stick out
     • Demountable brackets hold rails securely, yet are easy to remove
     • To re-mount, slide rail into the mounting bracket - a spring-loaded pin locks it into position
     • Older bleachers can be retrofitted with side safety rails with no loss of seating capacity
Download Demountable Rails Spec Sheet (pdf)





Safety Padding for ADA rails and P-Rails

Pads provide an extra measure of protection in the event that a spectator or player should collide with a P-rail or ADA rail.
     • Can be left in place whether open or closed.
     • Customizable with school colors and insignia
     • Required by most states
Download Safety Pad info here (pdf)