Get a Quick Quote on your bleachers from Bleacherman

Find out what it will cost to repair or refurbish your telescopic bleacher system with Bleacherman’s “Quick Quote.” By following the instructions below, you will provide us with all the information we need to provide an estimate for your particular situation. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much Bleacherman can save you!

Please describe any special needs in the comment section and let us know what’s going on with your telescopic seating system, whether it’s bleachers that won’t open and close properly, broken seats/boards or some other problem. After receiving your completed form, Bleacherman will provide a “Quick Quote” based on your information.


Tools you’ll need

In order to complete the information on your Quick Quote form, you’ll need: 

• A digital camera
• Tape measure (30-ft recommended, but any size will work)
• Quick Quote form, printed out (you’ll record the measurements on the form) 
• A person who is qualified to open and close your bleacher system
The entire process can be done in approximately one hour, start to finish.


The Quick Quote Form

This four-page form is where you collect all the information about your bleachers before sending it to us. Please click here to download the Quick Quote form in PDF format. Print this PDF and fill it out with the informaton about your bleachers.


Quick Quote Instructions

Quick Quote instructions can be viewed on this website. Click here to download the Quick Quote instructions in PDF format. (It may be helpful to print out this PDF and take it with you, while you are in the process of completing your Quick Quote form.)


More Important Information

 Click here to download “Photo Guidelines & Data Collection Tips”. This document has a lot of "how-to" infomation, and may be helpful in completing your Quick Quote form.


Step-by-step instructions
1. Print out the Quick Quote.  There are four pages to the form, plus four pages of instructions.

2. Take digital photos.  Any digital camera is OK. Medium-size photos are preferred.

3. Measure bleachers. Measure how long each section is and record it on the form

4. Record the number of broken boards or damaged seats. Enter this on your print-out of the Quick Quote form

5. Add your comments and send the completed form and photos to Bleacherman. Fax the form to Bleacherman at (518) 654-2232 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

That’s it -- that’s all you have to do, to obtain a Quick Quote from Bleacherman. We’ll use your photos and the information you recorded on the form to estimate the cost of restoring your bleachers to “as new” condition. Why guess at what your bleacher repair/refurbishment may cost? Get a Quick Quote now and find out how much you can save with Bleacherman.


A Special “THANK YOU” from Bleacherman

We understand that there is some time and effort required to fill out out the Quick Quote form properly. Thank you. We truly appreciate the opportunity to provide an estimate for your telescopic bleacher seats. Please see "Photo Guidelines" for an in-depth guide on how to photograph your bleachers.