IMPORTANT Instructions

The Quick Quote form is designed to capture the critical measurements and information we need, in order to provide you with an accurate estimate. Filling out the Quick Quote form is not difficult, however we recognize that you may not be familiar with certain terms that we use to refer to bleacher parts and features. That’s why these step-by-step instructions have been prepared - to “walk you through” the steps of filling out the form. For your convenience you can download a PDF of the Quick Quote Instructions here.


Step One - Complete the Contact Information

Print out the Quick Quote form, and complete all the information at the top righ of the form. You will need a digital camera to photograph the bleachers and a tape measure to measure the bleachers. You may also want someone who is qualified to open and close the bleachers to assist you, because we will need photos of one section of the bleachers in both the open and closed positions.

Step Two - Taking Photos

Begin by taking a wide angle photo that shows one whole side of the gym. You may want to
stand in one corner and shoot diagonally, to get all the bleachers on that side in the photo.
Then shoot the opposite side in the same way. If bleachers are also located on the ends,
please shoot them as well.


Next, you are going to take several photos of a single section of bleachers. We will need
photos of a section of your bleachers in the open and closed position, from both the front
and side.


A “section” is one continuous unit of bleachers. (Often there are small gaps between the
sections.) Multiple sections can be joined together in a “bank.” Some bleachers can be
opened section by section, other bleachers have the sections tied together, so the entire
bank of multiple sections opens together.

For the purposes of the Quick Quote, you only need to photograph one section. Or if the
sections are tied together, you only need to photograph one bank.

Start with a straight-on photo of the section in the closed position, like the example to the right.


Next, shoot the closed section from the side.

Try to get all of the section, from the top to bottom, in the picture if possible.

It may be difficult to move far enough back to fit it all in the frame. Just do the best you can.


After taking the two photos in the closed position, open the bleachers and photograph the
section from the front.

Then, shoot a photo of the opened bleachers from the side.

 This is an important photo for your estimate, because it shows the understructure of the


If possible, take two photos: One that shows all of the opened bleacher section
in one picture; and a second, closer photo showing what’s underneath the bleachers.


This completes all the photos that Bleacherman needs, namely:

          Diagonal shots showing the entire telescopic bleacher seating installation for each wall

          Closed position, front and side 

          Open position, front and side. 

          Close up of the open section’s understructure.


Step Three - Rough Drawing/Measurements

Page One of the Quick Quote form has space for you to make a rough drawing
of the floorplan of your gym.

This schematic shows where the bleachers are located, from a bird’s eye view.
A simple rectangle can indicate a bank of bleachers in the closed position. Indicate
sections within a bank with a vertical line separating the sections. Your drawing
should also show any openings or gaps in the bleachers, such as spaces for
dividing curtains, doors, etc.

Please number the banks of bleachers in sequence in a clockwise motion, starting
with “Bank No. 1” in the upper left corner.

When complete, your rough drawing should look something like this to the right:

Page Two of the Quick Quote form has spaces where you will fill in how wide
each section is and how many rows high each section is.

The form has space for up to six sections in a bank. Attach additional sheets if
needed for more sections or banks.

Measure the width of each section for Bank 1, Bank 2, etc. and enter it on the
Quick Quote form, along with the number of rows and seat count.

(Many of the measurements will be repetitive.)

Three more measurements are required at the bottom of page two:
1. Measure from the front of a riser to the front of the riser in the row below (in the
open position).

2. Measure from the top of the second row footboard to the top of the first row seat.
Repeat the same measurement for rows 3 and up. These may vary only slightly,
but is important for quoting.

3. Measure from the floor to the bottom of the footboard of the first row and enter on
the form.



Step Four - Damage Locations

This next section of the Quick Quote form applies to bleachers that have
damaged seats, footboards or other components that have to be replaced or

No matter what type of bleachers you have (wood, vinyl on steel, aluminum,
plastic seat modules, folding chairs, etc.), please let us know of any damage
that needs repair, in the “Damage Locations” section.

Locate damage and record - With all the bleachers fully open, visually inspect
each bank of bleachers and note any damaged/broken boards or seats that wil
l have to be replaced.

Page Three of the Quick Quote form is where you record this information, in
the “Damage Locations” section.

In order to give you the most accurate estimate possible, please be specific
as to which piece may be damaged (footboard, seatboard, riser, etc.). Use
the abbreviations for each type of board (S=Seatboard, F=Footboard, etc.)
and list how the number of damaged boards and their length for each bank.

An example of how to fill out the “Damaged Board Locations” section
appears at right.

This example shows that Bank 1 is made up of three sections. The first section
is 16 feet in length, the second section is 10 feet and the third section is 16 feet
in length.

Section 1 has 1 damaged seatboard, 2 damaged risers. Section 2 has 2 damaged
seatboards, 3 damaged footboards. Section 3 has 4 damaged seatboards, 1
damaged footboard and 1 damaged heelboard.

Fill out this information for every bank of bleachers shown in your rough drawing.
(Some sections may not have any damage. If that’s the case, please write “No
Damage” below those sections.) If you have more than eight banks of bleachers,
please attach additional sheets as necessary.





Step Five - Damaged Board Totals

You will use the data recorded in “Damage Locations” and add up the totals for
each board type and length in the “Damaged Board Totals.”

Note: The “Damaged Board Report” section of the form is set up to include
certain measurements that only apply to wood, such as board shape and
thickness. if your bleachers are not wood, just leave these blank.

If the sections vary in size (such as some sections are 10 ft and others are
16 ft in length), remember to group the boards by the board length.

Enter the information in the “Damaged Board Totals” section on page three
of the Quick Quote form.

An example of how to fill out the “Damaged Board Totals” section appears
at right. For instructional purposes, this example will use the data from the
“Damage Locations” example.


Finally, the last step is to note any special needs or concerns in the comments section of the Quick Quote form.
Some examples of these needs and concerns are:
     • Our school is replacing/refinishing our gym floor and would like to replace/refinish our bleachers at the same time.
     • Our school is considering replacing the wood seats on the bleachers with plastic seats in the school colors. How much would
        this cost?

     • Our school needs to add new features to our existing bleachers such as scorers table, video platform, end curtains, etc.
     • Our school needs additional seat capacity. Please contact us to discuss ways to increase the seating capacity of our bleachers.

Whatever special needs or concerns your school may have, please describe then in detail on the Comments page. Please include a contact person’s name, phone number and best time to call, in case Bleacherman needs more information.

We realize that there are many different options and seating configurations available with telescopic bleacher systems: balconies, movable banks of bleachers and so on. The Quick Quote form can not include every possible combination of these, so we ask you to please note any special features your bleachers may have in the comments section.






Send the completed form and photos to Bleacherman

What’s the easiest way to get your information to Bleacherman? Most schools fax the completed Quick Quote form to Bleacherman at (518) 654-2232 and e-mail the digital photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As another option, you may send the completed form and a CD of the digital photos via UPS to:

105 Mill Street
Corinth, NY 12822
(800) 628-1332

Please call our Toll-Free number above to arrange for FREE UPS shipping to Bleacherman.


Don’t forget - Please provide complete contact information, including best time to call, in case we need more information for your Quick Quote. Also make sure that the name of your school is on all the material you send us. For example, your school’s name should be in the subject line of any e-mail you send to Bleacherman, CDs should be labeled with your school’s name, etc.