Bleacherman Specifications

Our specifications spell out exactly what we do, when renovating telescopic gym bleachers to "as-new" condition. This eight-page document details the standard of workmanship and quality of components of our bleacher renovations/installations in precise language.


Insist on these specifications, and you will have high-quality, trouble-free bleachers that should last the life of the building. On the other hand, should you decide to go with the lowest bid, a comparison with our specifications will show you all the places where the low bidder "cut corners" or skimped on quality or safety.


"Quick Quote" + Specifications = Peace of Mind

Our process of renovating gym bleachers is open and transparent. Your "Quick Quote" describes the scope of the project.  The Specifications spell out the parts and materials to be used. With the Bleacherman, you know exactly what you are getting and how much it costs.

Plus, the Bleacherman can fabricate hard-to-get parts, upgrade motor drive systems, make bleachers code-compliant and more. Our years of experience have prepared us to meet the needs of bleacher owners -- what ever they may be. From installation to annual safety inspection service, the Bleacherman does it all.

Get Bleacherman Quality – Use Bleacherman Specifications

Specifications are available for free download in these formats:

SpecificationsWord - Click here to view specifications online

docx - Click here to download MS-Word document (Blank screen will appear - Look in your downloads folder)

rtf - Click here for Rich Text File

txt - Click here for Text File

pdf - Click here for Portable Document File


Architects with LEED projects or other special considerations that require custom specifications should contact Bleacherman directly, by calling (800) 628-1332.