The Problem with Bleachers

• Beware the “low bid syndrome”.

Most new bleachers will provide you with the minimum required by law -- not what you really need for long-term trouble-free use. This version is “cheap to buy, expensive to own” because of the recurring repairs.


• Older bleachers have stronger understructures.

Bleacher construction has evolved, with fewer vertical support columns (horses), smaller gauge steel components and higher stresses on the structure. A simple diagram spells it out:


• We’ve seen New Bleachers fail in just a short time.

Take a look at the Hamilton Township Case History in the case histories section of this website. These newly installed bleachers were malfunctioning so badly (from sagging) after just 3 years, they had to call the Bleacherman.


• The Bleacherman probably has experience in the bleacher brands you own.

Older bleachers can have sturdy understructures and are excellent candidates for refurbishing. Even though manufacturers such as Safway, Berlin, Narragansett and Medart are no longer in business, they used 4-horse understructures. My recommendation, if this is the case, would be to NEVER discard these -- instead update them to as-new condition and reinforce the structure with our Century Design® system. Please see the Case Histories on our website such as Whitehall, NY; Corinth, NY; Chatham, NJ; Mansfield University, PA; North Tonawanda, NY; just to name a few. The Bleacherman gives you options like keeping wood seating or converting to plastic seat modules. Surplus wood can be used on other projects as required.


• Take advantage of your “equity” in your existing bleachers.

It’s not just the metal understructure -- the Bleacherman also can refurbish/repair the lumber in the deck system, seats and risers to look brand new. Even fasteners can be re-used (if in good condition). Everything that we re-use, is something you don’t have to buy new.


Straight talk about what’s wrong with today’s bleachers.
Whether your bleachers are old or new, if you find them hard to open and close, chances are they are sagging. This is the number one cause of bleacher malfunctions, and without the Century Design® “no-sag” system to reinforce the structure and provide continuous support in any position, on-going repairs may be needed.


Download our 8-page PDF report about telescopic bleacher seats. Learn how they work, why they sag, and what can be done to ensure long-term trouble free operation.


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