What to do with your old, used bleachers

If you have old, used bleachers that you want to dispose of, don't put them in the landfill -- call the Bleacherman to recycle them.

The first step is to call the Bleacherman toll-free 800-628-1332. We'll need some basic information about your used bleachers, their location and condition.

After that, everything is handled on a case-by-case basis. There is one type of bleacher that should be discarded, because there is no feasible way to make these safe. We do not repair “Slant-style” bleachers manufactured by Horne and Universal that fold up into a slanted bank. (see below) These can not be recycled or reused.


This type of bleacher can pose a safety hazard, because of the openings in front of and behind the footboard. A child or adult could slip and fall through these openings. Up-to-date, code-compliant bleachers have these openings closed off with toeboards and heelboards (known as a “closed deck” system).


Recycling your old, used bleachers, instead of hauling them to the landfill, is better for the environment and may be the most cost-effective way to dispose of them.